All About You Fitness, LLC.

All About You Fitness, LLC. is a completely private training facility located in Bedford/ Pound Ridge, NY.

Unlike other ‘private training gyms’, where you have one on one instruction with your trainer, but still have to wait for the equipment to be available, or listen to the life story of the person training next to you- at AAYF we guarantee your privacy. Bring someone along to your session (i.e. your child, partner or friend), you will be alone with your instructor.

The session belongs to YOU!

AAYF specializes in Pilates Machine and Mat training, Fitness Training using a variety of props (resistance bands, Swiss Balls, Bosu, weights, etc.), Cardio Kick-Boxing, Self- Defense, Martial Arts (Hapkido, Jujitsu, Tai Chi, Weapons Training), Pre- and Post Natal and Fitness Nutrition.

After working with well over 500 students ranging in ages from 3 to 75 over the last decade, Eva has realized that no two people are the same in their needs, talents, capabilities, challenges and wishes.

By using techniques from the various disciplines Eva has learned and taught over the years, she is able to create a unique program just for you.

Do you want to drop a few dress sizes, run longer or faster, improve your flexibility, get help with your back pain, carry your baby with poise, learn to defend yourself, or simply just spend an hour focusing on yourself and ‘getting your mind off of your mind’?

We will find the program for you and adjust it as you go along to allow for you to improve the quality of your life every day.

Eva is committed to keeping the training fresh, fun, challenging and tailored to your development by blending the different disciplines or ‘keeping it real’ in one of them.