Spring is here and it is the best time of the year to get out and get active! Unfortunately a lot of us still have a little of the winter fatigue and those few extra pounds to shake before we truly feel ready to play in the sun…so in the hopes of this summer being a brighter one than the last, let’s not loose any time!
Start planning your way to summer and set yourself up for success by defining your goals and finding a guide who has been down that road and knows all the sudden turns and short cuts. It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to achieve, although, at All About You Fitness we will focus on your body first and mind and spirit second (although close second, since the body is only the shell ;) )- the paths are all similar:
1)   find where you are
2)   choose where you want to go
3)   learn what the necessary steps are to achieve your destination
4)   take the steps one at a time
5)   enjoy the journey
To set yourself up for success all of above is essential- you cannot get to Rome if you don’t even know where you are on the map (or are in denial about your location!), decide where it is you want to go in the first place: Rome in Italy or in upstate New York. Next you have to either get a map or a guide to help you find the way to your destination. Depending on which Rome you choose and which mode of transportation you prefer to get there, this can be a long or short journey and require more or less time, in any event, the trip will be a long one if you only think of ‘getting there’- rather than take a look around and see what may be enjoyable on the way.
Our approach to fitness training is very much that- plan a trip with a clear destination, know where you start from and enjoy the way. By the way…the way has a way of changing and that is a great part of where the fun in the journey lies. :)