The Korean art of Hapkido is a full system of martial arts, including strikes, blocks, holds, throws, weapons, internal techniques and healing. Hap-Ki-Do can be translated as:

Hap- ‘to join’ or ‘coordination’
Ki- ‘energy’, ‘power’, ‘life force’
Do- ‘the way’, ‘the art’

The main principles of Hapkido, Hwa (harmony), Won (circle) and Yu (flow) form the basis of the system

Hapkido is a practical self defense, which anyone- young or old, male or female, large or small can practice effectively, as it doesn’t rely on strength as much as technique.

The benefits to the practitioner go far beyond the ability to defend themselves against physical opponents. Correct practice of this system develops muscle tone, correct posture, flexibility, weight control and improves self-confidence by working in harmony between the mind, body and spirit.

If you want to learn a skill that is applicable for use in personal safety- Hapkido gives you a myriad of usable techniques and principals.

In our daily lives the mental and spiritual aspects of self-defense far outweigh the benefits of the physical.

The lessons of Hapkido- yield, redirect, flow, harmonize are usable tools to help defend you in any situation, be it in a disagreement with loved ones, in a meeting at work, someone closing the door in front of your face when you have two full hands…or your own voice in your head commenting on your lack of being fabulous at the moment.