Confused about what to eat? You are not to blame! There are so many fad diets, ‘power foods’ and theories out there to make anyone’s head spin.

What is food first and foremost? Food is FUEL for you body to function smoothly, with ease and painlessly!

Food should give you energy, rather than drain you- eat to be invigorated, happy and strong.

Get help figuring out what works for you. At AAYF we keep it simple, realistic and delicious. Not everyone is the same, our bodies, lives and tastes differ and there cannot be a cookie-cutter nutritional program that fits all- so the programs are designed for you and with you.

Learn how to make eating fun while getting into and maintaining the shape that you desire- it IS possible!

At AAYF you can get help with:

- finding out what foods work best for you and your goals
- determining your caloric needs
- meal planning, menu ideas, shopping tips
- getting out of a food rut, introduction to some new foods
- finding room for your favorites without sacrificing results
- staying on track; assistance for maintenance and feedback

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Image by Keepps