Pre- and Post Natal
Congratulations! You did it! Now it is time to make sure that you and your baby are as comfortable, healthy and happy as can be.

At AAYF we will use:

Pilates Exercises - strengthening the muscles of your abdomen, back, arms and legs, which must remain (or get) strong to carry, push, and later on carry the little one, and snap back into shape!

Flexibility and Balance Training - designed to help you be less 'lopsided' as your pregnancy progresses and avoid injury and falls as your balance gets more and more challenged.

Articulation and Stretching - to get the kinks out and make sure you stay supple and mobile during this fantastic time where so much is happening so fast!

Endurance Training - (yes, you are in for the long haul!) and being in optimum cardio vascular shape is now more necessary than ever!

Weight Training - to maintain bone density, which decreases rapidly during pregnancy and breast feeding, if not replenished via diet and weight bearing exercise.