Self defense is mind, body and spirit training.

Attacks in our daily life are rarely physical in nature, and hence we will also cover effective techniques for defending the self against mental and emotional attacks- as well as attacks against the body.

Kindness and empathy are always the greatest disarmers to be used against an attacker, even if the attacker is oneself!  However, if and when is comes to the need to physically defend oneself, it is of the utmost importance to develop skills and techniques that work- unfortunately a lot of what is out there is misguided.

Learn realistic and applicable self-defense techniques that are right for you!

Understanding the various situations in which YOU may have to defend yourself, is critical in determining which techniques you may need to apply. Do you need skills for your work, the street, or to protect your home or loved ones? How strong, fast, or flexible are you? What clothing are you likely to wear if you were to be attacked (suit, skirt, heels or sneakers) and what are you likely to carry with you that you can use for defending yourself (tie, belt, heels, umbrella, pen, keys)?

You will learn to evade an attack by practicing proper foot work, how to stop, subdue and secure an attacker with strikes, kicks, joint locks, throws, chokes, pressure points and everyday weapons (umbrella, pencil, belt, etc.)

You will also learn the ABCs of self-defense and build tools to accurately read dangerous situations and react promptly and thoroughly when necessary.

Understanding the capabilities of your body, mind and spirit (and that of an attacker) is necessary in order to successfully defend yourself against any attack. Learning from a teacher, who is not only a martial artist, but also one who has a solid foundation in the anatomy of body and mind saves learning time.

Building a strong foundation and drilling your techniques is a MUST if you want to have skill rather than luck.  We will do so in a challenging and safe manner and make effective use of your valuable time!