Eva has been working with students of all ages (3 years old to 75 years young!) and has never met anyone who she doesn't feel can benefit from physical, mental and emotional training.

There are countless studies proving the benefits of...

Cardio Vascular Exercise for weight management, fight against heart disease and risk of stroke and on increasing serotonin levels almost as reliably as anti depressant drugs!

Weight Bearing Exercise slowing down and even reversing bone loss.

Strengthening of Abdominal Muscles in women before, during and after their child-bearing years.

Balance and Flexibility Training to lower risk of injury from everyday tasks as well as during athletic performance and

Coordination Exercises to increase athletic and academic performance and keep the brain young!

…and many more.

So should YOU train? If you…

Want to have fun, get stronger, faster and leaner.
Want to increase your athletic performance.
Want to improve the way you use your body- minimize the little or big aches and pains resulting from incorrect alignment.
Or simply look and feel your best
The answer is YES!